Stretching beyond your limits

Community Class

Community Class

The key to giving is to use what you are good at to give back to the world.

Yoga You Palma is doing just that.

This Sunday 16 November, Yoga You in Palma de Mallorca hosted the first of a weekly “community class” – and betterplace is at the heart of it.

The class is for free, and the teachers give their time voluntarily, but everyone is encouraged to give as much or as little as they feel appropriate to the featured project of the week.

Yoga You Palma have created a Yoga You team on betterplace. They have selected a number of projects which they will be supporting over the weeks to come, one project featured a week.

This Sunday – the class was dedicated to little Ava-Joy – a three year old girl living in Cameroon who’s mother was asking for support to pay for her first year of pre-school. It was great to see that by the end of the class, the “yogis” stretched beyond their limits and completed the project! And little Ava-Joy will begin her first year of school.


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