Activism from the cage

Chun with Chinese artist YeFu in the cocoon

Last month, Chinese dancer and therapist Chunhong Wang, who respresents her Beijing center Good Gifted Garden on betterplace (and there only!) joined her friend, the famous Chinese behaviour artist YeFu in the cage/cacoon, hanging out the Huantie Time Art Museum. While Yefu will be living in the cage from February till August of this year, Chun joined him for a week, refusing to eat. This is what she wrote about the event:

For me it was a great chance to arise a lot of public attention to autistic children and to explain: Art and dance therapy is a way to treat autistic children and adults. They have so much talents, in the end we can learn a lot from them! If we accept and treat them, believe in the creativity they develop and can get out of their cocoon like a wonderful butterfly. So you see, the cocoon has a special symbolic for me, autistic people are sometimes like a caterpillar, but can develop to a colourful butterfly.

I did not eat during this time in the cocoon, there are a lot of reasons. But I like to show the world: We have all a lot of power, if we really believe in things we can do it. I believe in the autistic children, in art and dance therapy. I know it’s a long way to go. Here in China its very new, but I still believe in my vision spreading out this message: “Autistic people are not crazy, not dumb, they are very intelligent, very creative, very sensitive. We have to get in relationship with them.


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