Experience giving!


The part I really love most about my work at betterplace is the feedback project managers are sending us (I might have written this before, but that’s the way it is). Normally they do so by e-mail, blogging or uploading photos on their project blog. Not so Ann Wambua, who runs Cecil House in a village near Mombasa, Kenya, an orphanage for children, who have lost their parents to AIDS. Since I first started corresponding with Ann 2 years ago, we have exchanged dozens of text-messages, as Ann has only infrequent access to the internet and hasn’t got the technological resources to scan in photos etc.

Thus I have helped her to publish her project on betterplace. In February we were finally able to transfer the first donations for the renovation of the orphanage to her and today I know exactly were the money went: in the parcel, Ann not only sent all receipts, but also heart-warming thank-you notes from the children, as well as a full photo documentation of the work process thus far. Now everybody who has donated to the project can see how the lorry transported the building materials to Cecil House, how the renovations were done and how happy the children are with the results.

As I am leaving for Laos tomorrow I will only be able to make them accessible to all project supporters after my return, but I couldn’t resist sharing my joy at least in this blog. Thanks Ann!


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