betterplace junior donates

What an unexpected success betterplace junior has been! Yesterday those of the group who spent the holidays in Berlin met to donate the earnings of the two christmas stalls to the five projects chosen before (not yet under the name of “betterplace junior” as the website will only support such groups technically sometime early next year) . Together with the betterplace gift vouchers the kids made over 4.000 Euro – the proceeds of which go 100% to the projects (we did subtract the production costs of most goods – some products though, such as the chocolates, were donated to us (thanks, Renée) and we are able to pass on the whole of the selling price). Thus yesterday they donated 294,50 Euro to CRO in Uganda, 286,50 Euro to the Choki Art School in Bhutan, 338 Euro to South Coast Hospice in South Africa, 240 Euro to Akinda, Berlin and 304,5 Euro to Room to Read in Cambodia.

Especially the Trikoton scarves and arm-cuffs were a huge success and we are practically sold out (all that remains are a few scarves). A friend of mine from Bavaria called after receiving a pair of cuffs for christmas and ordered 3 more for her friends, another friend wore the scarf at his university and immediately six of his colleagues bought some, while Billy, a betterplace volunteer-to-be got asked at Gallerie Lafayette thrice where she had bought those great cuffs. And so it went on and on. 2008 will see more of betterplace junior!


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  1. 1 Stimmungsleuchten January 18, 2013 at 3:16 pm

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    Wir reisen umher und sehen immer wieder mal was uns sehr gefällt und das präsentieren
    wir hier. Auf jeden fall können Sie die meisten Produkte auch
    gleich kaufen, aber ausschließlich via amazon, damit der Einkauf sicher ist!

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