See you soon, Nunni

For the first time I heard of Nunni a couple of years ago. Stephan was drowning in his work and our friend Nico said: “I know the perfect relief for you. You need Nunni.” In the same breath, however, she added: “Unfortunately you won’t get her, though, since she’s working for me.” There she was, the structured, organised, always friendly secret weapon for workaholics – but she was unreachable.

It has been a year now since we heard that Nunni was looking for a new job. The timing was perfect because at the time we were looking for a project coordinator for “Die Plattform” – the platform that later should become “betterplace”.

In the months that followed Nunni and Samir would sit opposite each other in our one-room-office in the Wilhemstrasse and, together, layed the foundation for our concept. Nunni created folders and lists, juggled deadlines and drew big mind maps. Together with Samir and under the guidance of Friedhelm and Stephan, she also developed our huge concept wall, that illustrates all processes, rolls and functions on the platform.

After having become betterplace Nunni took on the office coordination of the operation that had grown so quickly from one moment to the other. She took care of NGOs, and she helped them and the persons responsible for grassroots projects to upload profiles and projects. She maintained a steady flow of communication between us, and whenever we didn’t know where a document was saved, a phone number was to be found, or how the status of one of our many construction sites was – a short talk with Nunni resulted in all the answers we had been searching for.

Since last week Nunni (and her big belly) is on maternity leave. We miss her already. And we are looking forward to her visits, her baby and especially to her return.


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