3 reasons not to give.

When forming the concept for betterplace last year, there was a personal experience driving us, that was shared by the majority of people that we personally asked and those that had taken part in surveys about giving.

Especially the young generation had three reasons not to get involved with giving or hands-on social activities. If we hadn’t been coming across extreme poverty during travel or longer times in less fortunate areas of the world, we would have just left it with the same excuses:

  • I haven’t come across the right project, where I can make a difference with what I have to offer
  • A lot of what I give is eaten up by the overhead of the organisations and does not reach the target
  • There is no direct connection to the ground and I don’t get feedback on what impact my support has

Our goal was from the start to eradicate the basis of those arguments. Now have a look at betterplace.org and tell us if we are on the right way, so that:

  • You can choose the very project that means most to you
  • You know that 100% will be passed on
  • You get direct feedback from the people on the ground

There is so much more to come and we are always open for your feedback and recommendations. I will post some outlook on our feature pipeline during the next days.


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