Interview with Nunni’s belly

The original plan was to interview Nunni on her daily work routine and her role as betterplace Super Woman in charge of organisations and all things that need to be organized. At the agreed time, however, instead of Nunni a huge belly shows up. Which already has gained itself an infamous reputation for its considerable size. Well, neither the belly itself nor the person carrying it let silly jokes spoil their good mood (since they both have a sense of humour that’s undestroyable).

Me: Belly, what do you particularly like about being with us?

Belly: I can’t complain at all. First of all, there can’t be a better place (!) than Nunni, and secondly I consider myself lucky to be sitting in the laughing room. Those geeks in the other room think, the people over here laugh. And I totally love the fresh fruit, a betterplace regular.

Me: Is there something you don’t like?

Belly: Mmh. I spend lots of time infront of the screen – even though I’m so big that Nunni can barely touch the keyboard. Sometimes that’s bit exhausting for both of us. On the other hand I like being a mini project manager – you can’t start early enough, can you? What? Nah, doesn’t have anything to do with child labour.

Me: Okay. And what are you going to be?

Belly: Don’t know. But it sure will have square shaped eyes.

Me: Yeah, but would you prefer pink or blue?

Belly: Neither nor. The CI in the nursery room will be grey/light green strictly. That’s how we like it. Additionally, Nunni and I are big fans of the exploding flower, the betterplace logo, which we can also picture as throwing star. Well, it might turn out to be boy after all. One thing is certain, though: if I meditate and get in touch with my inner self, I know what the first words will be: “upload a picture”, “under the radar”, and “name a need”.

Me: Belly, when can we finally expect the event to take place?

Belly: The new team member is scheduled to join betterplace on January 7. We don’t have any time frames available before that we’re afraid.

Me: Thank you, Belly, for this interview. We wish the best of luck to both of you.




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